Friday, October 31, 2008

Silk Pumpkin Soy Milk

For the last MoFo post, I merely have a product review. Silk has a pumpkin soy milk that is in the refridgerated section of the grocery store that is crack. It is so good. It smells much spicier than it tastes. It is smooth, sweet, and lightly pumpkin flavored. So, quick, off to the stores with ye to get some before this seasonal soymilk is gone. Oddly, I could find no mention of this product on the Silk website so I have no picture or link to point you to.

In other news, I made the pumpkin black bean casserole again last night and it was not nearly as spicy as last time (thankfully) so I must have really screwed up the spice measurements last time. I got another boatload of pumpkin from the CSA this week so were are again immersed in pumpkin dishes. I put 7 cups of baked and pureed pumpkin into the freezer last night and have 2 more small sugar pumpkins on the counter. I'll gladly trade a pumpkin for an acorn squash right about now.


  1. Mm... sounds delicious! I like the coffee silk too... which doesn't really taste like soy milk or coffee or anything but is still mmm mmm good!

  2. pumpkin overload!

    i cannot wait to try that kind of silk! i hope our grocery stores get it in stock...

  3. wow, i've never seen that in the stores near me, but that sounds delicious. in light of your post about the annie's woodstock dressing, maybe i should step it up and try to make some flavored nondairy milk at home!