Saturday, November 1, 2008

Annie's Woodstock "Copycat"

For about a year now, Mike and I have been addicted to Annie's Woodstock dressing.


Seriously, we have stopped buying any other dressing. We don't even consider it. With the economy not being so great now, I've been inspired by Thrifty Living's blog to do more stuff myself. I searched and found a recipe from Musings from the Shire's blog that mimics Annie's Woodstock dressing and made it a couple of nights ago. It is so good. Mike thinks it might actually be better than the original. We are going to keep making it instead of buying it. 5 minutes and a blender and I've probably saved a few bucks. Here is a pic of how it turned out:

"Woodstock" dressing

I think next time I will make a few tiny adjustments to the recipe despite Mike telling me to leave it exactly as is. I'm going to substitute flax seed oil for the canola oil to make it healthier and I am going to cut back on the vinegar a touch. I also think I will use sundried tomatoes in oil rather than the dried ones.

I love love love this recipe!


  1. I'm another woodstock dressing addict and can't always afford or find Annie's in the store. Will you share your home recipe with me?

  2. @Ty Markjham

    Sure, there is a link to the recipe above in the post.

  3. Hi... this looks great I am going to try it for my weekly dressing recipe.
    ONE question: Where did you get this great salad dressing bottle? I live in Houston, so I bet I will not be able to find it... but do tell!

  4. @Kathy
    > Where did you get this great salad dressing bottle?

    Funny. I got it years and years ago before I became vegan. It came with one of those Good Seasons salad dressing packets you get in a regular old grocery aisle. Like this one:

    The dressing mix might even be vegan! :)