Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vegan "Cheese" and Cracker comparison

In my town there are a lot of free concerts and movies in the park and stuff in the summer, so I am constantly packing up picnic foods and a bottle of wine to snack on for dinner. I keep noticing that everyone else brings cheese and crackers. So, I ordered a bunch of vegan cheese off the interwebs. It was not the brightest thing to do in July. I had it shipped two day UPS and paid extra for lots of ice packs. And I even made sure I was home when it was delivered. The "cheese" came in a styrofoam cooler, but the ice was melted and the "cheese" was all warm. I threw it in the fridge and hope that it was not affected, but I thought I should disclose the state of the "cheese" before I review it.

Creamy Sheese - Cheddar

Creamy Sheese - Chive

Dr. Cow - Cashew Cream Cheese

Dr. Cow - Aged Cashew Cheese

PS. I also got some Teese for pizza but I don't consider it to be an eating cheese. It is definitely a cooking cheese.