Thursday, October 9, 2008

Seitan Bourguinon on Mashed Potatoes

This recipe is also from Peter Berley's book (his recipes take a long time and I was stuck inside this past weekend due to rain and snow); Seitan Bourguinon. I love any recipe that calls for a 1/2 bottle of red wine. This is a recipe I like a lot, but I don't really like bites of mushroom. I don't mind mushrooms if they are too small for me to notice them in the final product. So, I picked out all the mushrooms and ground them up in the food processor with some of the sauce and some water and added them back to the stew. I thought I would like this better than picking mushrooms out, but I really do like the sauce better without the mushrooms ground into it, so next time i will stick to the recipe. For the seitan, i used one batch of easy baked seitan (Vegan Yum Yum's recipe).

This isn't the best picture in the world and you cannot see the giant pile of mashed potatoes underneath, but it was quite tasty.



  1. That looks so yummy - I LOVE the big cup too.

  2. Yeah, I love these soup mugs. I bought them from a potter in Vermont. I make soup just so I can use them.

  3. Looks almost TOO real, doesn't it??? I bet it was delicious!!!

  4. Yes, this is a recipe that we come back to again and again. I unfortunately make the same mistake with it over and over again. It calls for salt (but it wants it divided - add some in the marinade, add some later). I always screw up and add all the salt to the marinade and then forget that I did that and add more salt to the stew. I had to add some vinegar to fix that. I've even penciled that into the recipe and I still do it. I'll learn.

    The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen is a great book, but the recipes take a while.

  5. I think that is a great picture!

  6. any recipe that calls for a 1/2 bottle of red wine is a winner in my book too ;)