Monday, October 27, 2008

Svedish "Meeetballs"

Last night we made Cozy Inside's Swedish "Meatballs".  They were pretty good (and scary real looking, huh).  

I noticed the comments on the recipe indicated that people had troubles with the balls sticking together so after I hydrated the TVP, I added about another 1/4 to 1/3 cup stock.  I had no problems with them sticking together.  

While this recipe was ok, I think it needs some tweaks.  Most importantly, I would double the sauce (or half the "meatballs" and pasta).   It is definitely worth making if you are craving that sort of thing.  I think next time I might try a different meatball recipe because I am not a huge fan of TVP (but, these were good too).  Has anyone out there tried LightLife ground for something like this?

Vegan Swedish "Meatballs"


  1. I never imagined serving meatballs with anything other than a Tomato based sauce - but I'm really liking the look and the sound of this sauce. That looks freaking GORGEOUS!!

  2. lightlife actually makes a frozen meatball that's pretty darned good. i've also used the lightlife 'ground beef' that comes in a tube to make meatballs. just add some breadcrumbs and whatever herbs/spices you like, squish it all together, roll up balls. wet hands are key for rolling, too. i've never had swedish meatballs and am not sure what this sauce tastes like... but it sounds pretty good!

  3. Jhimm has been making me vegan Swedish meatballs for years :) We first brought his recipe (from his head) to a 70s themed vegan birthday party and it was devoured. I just asked him to make it again sometime this week.