Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vegetable Pancit

Many many years ago, i lived in Charleston, SC for a short time. We used to always get this dish called Pancit from a local Chinese restaurant. A lot. Then we moved away and I have since then looked at every Chinese restaurant I've been to for this dish. No one ever has it. I was confused by that till I saw it in Robin Robertson's cookbook, Fire and Spice. In her book, she mentions that the dish is a Filipino dish. No wonder I never find it in Chinese restaurants. It was a fluke that I've ever had it. We made this dish with the tiniest Capallini I've ever seen (brand De Cecco) and it was at least as good as my memory of the dish.

We added some Morningstar "Chicken" strips because I had them in the house. I actually bought the Morningstar strips about 3 months ago and I've been afraid to try them. I thought they were just ok. I'd actually preferred some seitan instead. Next time!

Vegetable Pancit with Morningstar Vegan "chicken"
From Fire and Spice cookbook


  1. Looks great. I'll have to check out Fire and Spice.

  2. I love love love pancit. My mother makes THE BEST pancit and she even takes out the meat just for me. <3 Filipino food rules.

  3. You'll have to let me know how close the Fire and Spice recipe is a "real pancit". I think you can see the recipe if you search inside the book at amazon. And, I would love to see what your mothers recipe is!

  4. that looks soooo yummy. and the capellini is tiny! awesome.