Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ronald's Donuts - Las Vegas

We heard there were vegan donuts in Las Vegas, so of course we had to stop on the way out of town. Vegan reviews and reports I'd read said to ask which donuts are vegan when you go in. We asked and were told that the top 2 shelves (out of 3 shelves) are vegan. It looked like the non-cake donuts were all vegan. This includes things like bear claws, and bavarian cream chocolate topped donuts. We got a half dozen and ate them throughout the car ride home. They were very tasty but seriously... how are they vegan? We are still in disbelief. Do they use soy milk in the chocolate topping and in the bavarian cream? If anyone knows the answers, I'd love to know.


*update* They really are vegan.

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