Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chin Chin's - Las Vegas (New York, New York hotel)

We just got back from a long weekend in Vegas. My husband Mike had to go to a conference, and I went to sit by the pool at MGM.


We drove down as it is about an 8 hour drive from our house. So for our first night of dinner in Vegas we were very tired from the drive down and we were looking for a place close by. We did not want to get back into the car. We headed over to Chin Chin's at the New York, New York hotel.

I had read that they could make anything on their menu with tofu so I expected a lot of options. When I asked the waiter, he informed me that the brown sauce (which is used extensively on the menu) contains fish sauce. This means no Kung Pao, no General Tso, etc. That doesn't mean that you are left with nothing, but the choices are much more limited than originally expected. Things still on the menu included the Lemon Tofu, Orange Tofu, and the Almond Tofu. Also the waiter told us that the pot stickers are ok for vegans. You may want to double check this as we didn't have a lot of trust in our waiter's knowledge about what was ok.

We ordered the Pot Stickers and the Orange Tofu and brown rice.

Veggie Pot Stickers at Chin Chin

Orange Tofu at Chin Chins

This was just enough food for 2 people. The food was ok and low priced. Our total dinner bill was around $25 bucks, which is pretty good for Vegas. So, if you need a dinner in Vegas, this place is alright (not fantastic, but it's ok).

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