Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Holiday meal

On holidays we make something different. We have never been much of traditionalists. Holidays just give us an excuse to make something a little fancier than usual. Last night we had Butternut Vindaloo stuffed in Kabocha Squash. We threw some brown basmati rice in the bottom of the squash.

Butternut Vindaloo stuffed in a Kabocha Squash

We also made some vegan sugar cookies. I think these might be the best sugar cookies we have ever made. We decided to forgo the food coloring.

Vegan Sugar Cookies

I put the sugar cookie recipe in the extended entry. I didn't just link to it because (a) I didn't want to lose it if they ever take their web site down and (b) their frosting recipe was awful. I added my own frosting recipe below.


  1. I got to try one of those cookies and they were yummy!