Sunday, December 31, 2006

My Pig Winnie

This year we adopted a pig from the Farm Sanctuary in NY (in previous years we have adopted chickens). By adopting, I mean that we pay a donation to the Farm Sanctuary to provide for her care. My pig is Winnie. You can see a pic of her if you click on her name. Here is a link to Winnie's story. We plan to go visit the Farm Sanctuary this summer and meet her (if anyone else is interested in a summer trip to the Finger Lakes region this summer, let me know).

Anyway, we adopted a pig because we felt so bad about the horrible cruely that pigs endure in factory farms. Pigs are very intelligent creatures and are even smarter than dogs. This peta fact sheet says that they can even play video games. Pigs are kept in very crowded conditions and most never see the light of day. Female pigs are kept in crates too small for them even to turn around. Babies are taken from mothers when they are days old and kept in such crowded conditions that they would bite each others tails (except that they cut off their tails and break off their teeth without painkillers). In addition to all of this the conditions in which they are transported and slaughtered are just as horrendous... no,worse. Please read the fact sheet that I linked to above and make an informed decision.

If you eat pork, why do you think it is ok to eat pigs? Why not dogs? What is the difference? Is one more cuddly than the other? Why do we (humans) have these artificial lines in our heads about which animals are ok to eat?

Consider sponsoring an animal at the Farm Sanctuary this year. The number of animals that they can help depends on the number of sponsors in a given year. They do really good work and deserve any support you can give them.

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