Sunday, October 15, 2006

Review of TJ Scallywaggles

HP and I ate dinner at TJ Scallywaggles. It is a pizza and sub shop gone vegan. Everything on the menu is vegan. Imagine a typical Boston pizza place and you have TJs. The only difference is that meat and cheese have been replaced on their menu by vegan substitues. The staff behind the counter were extremely friendly. We asked them for suggestions since we aren't used to having any choices when we eat out. The person helping us suggested the "Chicken" Parm sub and also the buffalo "chicken" pizza.

We decided on a salad, the "chicken" parm sub, and a "meatball" calzone. HP had some lemonade and I had a vanilla soy milk. The food was exactly what you would expect from a pizza/sub shop. It was tasty, filling, and probably not really very good for you... but hey, you aren't generally looking for health food from a pizza shop.

We liked this place and I am sure we will be back. I am curious to try the pizza and I also want to try the "chicken" gyro.

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