Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Restaurant Review of Oba! in Portland, Or.

While visiting Portland, Oregon, I got the change to have dinner at Oba!, a cuban fusion restaurant. It was great. It was a really nice place and the decorations were dark and comfy. Our waiter was very knowledgeable. Oba! is veg*n friendly. The have a seperate vegetarian menu that you can get if you ask for it and on the menu it says "please notify your server if you are vegan".

We started with margaritas and spinach salads. I really wanted the butternut squash enchiladas but they came with a cream walnut sauce. The waiter walked to the back to confer with the chef. The chef said that he had just made a new pasilla chile sauce and would use that instead. Yay. The enchiladas came with a red quinoa salad. I was quite pleased with dinner and I think I need to figure out how to make red quinoa salad. That is the second time I have had something like that and I really like it.

I left full and felt like I had had some good nutrition for the day instead of all of the junk food vegan that I have been getting my sticky fingers onto here in Portland. My meat eater friends were also happy with the place. Jennifer also got the enchiladas, but with the walnut sauce (she thinks that shw might have like the pasilla sauce better, as it would have been less creamy), and Dave had the corn chowder with crab and crab cakes for dinner. If you live in Portland or are visiting, I highly recommend this place.

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