Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Daiya Vegan Cheese Review

Have you heard about Daiya cheese yet? It is not yet for sale at almost any retailers because they are only selling food service sized bags. However, Pangea is taking those bags and breaking them up into smaller bags and selling them to us!! It winds up being expensive with the 2 day shipping and cold pack, so order a bunch of stuff and at least try to make those shipping costs worth it.

I got 2 packages of the cheddar. They were out of the Italian variety. I've been trying to remember what I used to use all that cheddar cheese for before I went vegan and I seriously can't remember. I only remember using it for Mexican food, although I know that can't be right. So, I made mexican food. I made some really simple casseroles just to test the cheese. The casseroles themselves weren't anything you'd want me to share the recipes for.

Meltability: Daiya melts like you wouldn't believe. It melts on top of the casserole in about 5 minutes (so add it at the end) and melts in the middle with no problem at all.

Taste: While it still has a slightly funny vegan cheese flavor, it is much better than most. That flavor seemed to go away when I reheated leftovers.

Texture: awesome. Slight stringiness and a lot of creaminess. When we tasted the taco casserole and the enchiladas we were both shocked to find that what we'd been missing was an element of creaminess. This cheese fixed that.

Overall: B++. If they could get rid of that slight vegan cheese flavor that they all seem to have, I'll up my grade to an A+. And yes, I will be ordering lots more of this.

I'll probably make some quesadillas with the remainder of the cheese. That feels like an ultimate test. Any other ideas you want to see tested instead?

Here are pics of the taco casserole:




Here are pics of the enchiladas:




  1. OMG! I can't believe how good that looks and really melty.

    When I finally got a tube of teese, I had the same problem of trying to remember how I used it. I ended up taking forever to use it up because I just don't think to add cheese to things anymore. I think I made a cheese steak type thing with it.

  2. Aggghhh im so jelous! i want some!

  3. Those enchiladas look so good! I totally want to try Daiya now. But I agree, whenever I get vegan cheese now I end up freezing half of it because I never use it up in time.

  4. Does it taste OK uncooked? Like, would it be OK shredded on top of a salad? I used to do that alot. Or how about sliced on a sandwich (also not cooked, a la Kraft Singles)?

  5. that looks wonderful, I was looking for a good idea for dinner! Thanks

  6. Have you ever tried to use it for macaroni and cheese? I have yet to find something that makes it actually taste like mac and cheese.... Even Leahy Mac and cheese tastes nothing like mac and cheese....even though a lot of people love it..... The only things I really miss cheese for if Pizza and mac and cheese..... that's about it.... let me know how you like the mozzarella if yiou get it!

    Have a wicked awesome day!


  7. OH!!!!! I also miss Grilled cheese sandwiches!!!!!

    Try that out!

  8. yum. i went to pangea in maryland this weekend and bought it. i got two bags for 5.49 each. i got both cheddar and italian. i told all the people in the shop about it because a local bakery uses it on their grilled cheese. so excited!

  9. Sundance Natural Foods in Eugene, OR now carries both the cheddar and Italian blend. Daiya is my favorite vegan cheese so far. It melts!

  10. We're very interested in buying small bulk quantities of your wonferful vegan cheese, Daiya. Solid blocks would be preferable. Since I have just undergone a total knee replacement surgery it is very difficult for me to sit in front of a computer for any length of time so...if at all possible, please call 508 473 7539 EST. We're anxiously awaiting your reply regarding your outstanding product!!

    Co-founder, Maple Farm Sanctuary

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