Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another year. Another cake.

Tomorrow (Weds) is Mike's birthday! He wasn't home tonight so I spent the evening making his cake. I like the way it came out this year. Once I get the color frosting mixed up and in piping bags I have a hard time stopping! I think I stopped just in time this year. Here is the recipe for the cake.

Mike's Vegan Birthday Cake


  1. That cake looks great! I love the frosting. The stars are so cute.

  2. What a gorgeous cake! I'm sure Mike will be thrilled. I've never iced one as fancily as that!
    Say 'Happy Birthday' to him from me. (He'll have no idea who I am, but, hey, you can't have too many birthday greetings, can you?)

  3. Wow!! You're really good at the cursive frosting writing! No matter what I do, mine always comes out looking like a 5 year barfed up some chicken scratch excuse for writing on the cake, haha.

  4. I wanna see a photo when you cut it open too :)

  5. Mmmmmmm..... I so want a piece. I remember last year I made one in July for J's birthday, but this year we're moving right around then!

  6. On one hand, ugh, on the other hand... my sweet tooth says it's worth it. :P
    This is why I can't lose the pudge around my middle.