Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hunan Fried Rice from Vegan Fire and Spice Cookbook

Tonight I made Hunan Fried Rice from Robin Robertson's new vegan cookbook, Vegan Fire and Spice. The recipe is actually here on her amazon blog. We liked it a lot, but thought that next time we would cut down on the cayenne. Oww, my mouth is burning. I guess the book is called FIRE and spice. I used an unrefined peanut oil to cook with instead of canola which gave it a touch of peanuty flavor and was a really good modification. I have this wonderful peanut oil that I accidentally bought (thinking I was buying refined peanut oil) and it smells like peanut butter. So good for stir frys.

I finally found the good camera (post-move) and took some nice pictures. Here is a picture of the final product, served with broccoli. There are some prep pics in the extended entry.

Hunan Fried Rice


  1. This Hunan Fried Rice looks terific! I came over from Ricki's blog ... glad I did.

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