Saturday, June 2, 2007

Vegans love to talk about Poo

Vegans seem to love to talk about poo [1]. See, they even make stickers to brag about poo prowessness:

It seems like an odd thing to post about, but I think that it is an important health issue and we shouldn't be so uptight about it. The average American only poos about once every other day (that's what I've heard). I had a hard time finding any decent stats to back this up... you try googling for poo or defectaion rates and see what you get. Some people go even less frequently than that. It is important to poo regularly. Some doctors say that for optimal health you should poo after every meal.[2] Your poos should be regular and effortless. If you are straining or reading magazines, then you aren't getting enough fiber. Poo that sticks around in the colon for too long causes toxicitiy and can cause tumors in the colon, among other problems.

Most Americans, don't get enough fiber. They eat white flour, white pasta, and other white foods that contains little fiber and almost no nutritional value. When things back up, they rely on laxatives to get things moving again. I'm not sure why the mental connection to diet isn't made??

So, where does fiber come from? Great sources of fiber come from the plant kingdom - not meat. These include spinach, broccoli, mustard greens, collards, sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, beans, nuts, grains, etc. So, go eat those veggies. And note that another benefit of veganism is regular poo and a healthy colon.

[1] Yes, I am going to use the word "poo" throughout this post, I like it better than defecate.
[2] This should be very distressing to an unnamed co-worker who believes that pooing should be done at home (in the morning), and not at work.


  1. pregnancy has made me poo like a champ. it's amazing. i have a feeling it's all the fruit the baby makes me eat. and the fact that i have to eat every 1.5 hours. that can't hurt.

    pregnant ladies love to talk about poo, and you should hear the pregnant vegan girls on my message board go on. it rocks ;)

    we should all talk about poo more. people are so weird about it. but it is really important.

  2. Awesome. Lots of fruit would definintely be a big contributer. :)

    We need to get together.

  3. Every time I go visit my family or j's family I get all backed (TMI), and I'm not sure if it's stress or diet change or what (but it freaks me out. The second I get home I am normal again.)

    Most of the time I am happy. Then again, I eat a lot of yogurt and fruits and veggies.

    It seriously makes me desperate not to visit family though...

  4. Oh, this post is too funny. I've seen that sticker before and it makes me laugh. I also like your use of the word 'poo'.

  5. Talking about poo always brings my friends out of the woodwork. What does this say about me... and my friends?

  6. Thanks. I felt like I needed a lighter post. :)

  7. Ha, well, I haven't been online much, admittedly. A good poo talk will always pique my interest though.