Sunday, June 10, 2007

Now you probably want to know what to put in the hamburger buns!

Inside our homemade buns, we had grilled Tempeh Walnut burgers (recipe link). I did not add any olives (because I hate them so). I also did not add the optional umeboshi paste. I cut the fresh rosemary to 1/2 Tbsp. These burgers are ok and they hold together well on the grill. They are not my favorites though. We both thought they tasted a bit like crabcakes (well as much a we remember from the pre-veg days). I think it was the red bell pepper and celery. A great addition to these would be some vegan garlic aioli. I couldn't find any locally and was too lazy to make my own after making buns, veggie burgers, and oven baked potato fries. We also had a nice green spinach salad, in case you were worried about the color of the plate!


  1. A wasabi veganaise spread might have added a tasty "kick" to the burgers. (-:

    I'm always looking for new "burger" recipes - love the blog!

  2. Thanks Monika. And, I love knowing that someone actually reads the blog. :)

    Wasabi Veganaise sounds like it would be really good on veggie burgers. Do they sell that or do you just mix the two together?

  3. Someone somewhere probably sells it, but it's super easy to make yourself. Just mix veganaise and wasabi paste to taste. Viola! Done. (-:

  4. I found a picture of the veggie burger on the camera.

    The fries in the pic are just a russet potato roasted at 425 with salt, pepper, and olive oil for about 40 minutes (turning every 10-15 minutes).