Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wild and Woolly Pinenut beast

I was at a restaurant/bar with co-workers a few nights ago. It was a regular old (high-end) beer/burger/pizza kind of bar. I wanted some potatoes. I don't know why, just had a craving. So, I made sure the waitress knew that I didn't eat any animal products (and gave her the usual list) and asked for oil instead of butter for cooking the potatoes. I also ordered some Chard and a big salad. I was picking stuff from the side orders to make a meal. As she took down the order, I made sure that there was no cheese on the salad. She said there wasn't and wrote it down and then got look on her face, like she thought of something I wouldn't eat and wanted to warn me, and said "Oh, but the salad has pinenuts. I can have them leave those off". She looked confused when I said that pinenuts were absolutely fine.

I'm not exactly sure where she though pinenuts came from.

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