Friday, May 11, 2007

Vegan in San Francisco

I know it's been quiet over here, but boy have I been busy. This week I have been in San Francisco for the JavaOne developer conference. I'm actually in the airport at the moment, waiting for my red-eye home. Traveling with co-workers, as a vegan, is always a challenge for me, but I did ok. I managed to go to Greens one night with a co-worker and got all 6 to go to Millenium another night. Everyone loved Millenium. I had a really yummy smoked maple glazed tempeh served with mashed potatoes and grapefruit segments at Millenium and a Strawberry Spring Salad. At Greens I had a vegetable gratin (no cheese). They had to make it special for me to make it vegan. Last night I had some take out chinese from a vegetarian chinese place near Union Square. It was just ok so I won't bother to mention it's name.

I don't have much else to say, but I promise a decent blog entry in the next few days when I haven't been on the computer for 6 days straight. Any requests or questions that you want me to blog about? Otherwise, I will pick from a couple of co-worker questions about veganism that I have been saving up.


  1. If you can handle the insipid peace-love-and-happiness hippie-inspired entree names,
    Cafe Gratitude is a really good raw food vegan place.

  2. @#$*@#$ comment software won't let me add link tags.

  3. Yes. I did that on purpose. Helps to prevent spam.

  4. I almost went there, but I was by myself that night and didn't know much about the nieghborhood it was in (I was going to have to walk about 4 blocks from the bus to get to it). The menu looked fun. I was all ready to order things like "I am lucious".