Sunday, March 11, 2007

Free Candle Cafe cookbook!

I have an extra copy of the Candle Cafe cookbook (which is great) to the first person who responds to this entry and agrees to go vegan for 3 weeks! I'll even pay to ship it to you. It's easy. Just give it a try and I'll give you this wonderful cookbook.

Reply to this entry with an email address and a promise to try veganism for 3 weeks and I'll email you for your address and send you the book.


  1. I have been planning to try veganism, and I would love this new cookbook! Even if I don't get this new book, I pledge to try veganism, and I plan to make it a life-style beyond the 3 weeks. Thanks! My email is

  2. shucks i missed out! i've heard great things about the seitan piccatta. anyway, this is a wonderful thing you are doing...both blog and give away. keep it going!

  3. Awesome! I'll email you for details.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Lauren. I wish I had 2 copies. The response has encouraged me though, maybe I'll try this again sometime.

    I haven't tried the Seitan Picatta, but I have also heard good things about it. Maybe I'll try it this weekend. I personally love the Pot Pie recipe (I substitute other veggies for the zuchinni - who wants zuchinni in a pot pie). I make the Pot Pie a lot in the Summer when I have a herb garden because it calls for so many fresh herbs.

  5. Hi! This is totally unrelated but I have a question: Do you have any summer grilling recipes?? I finally took the plunge and stopped eating meat and my husband said to me "How am I going to cook you dinner in the summer?!?" And I had no answer besides portobello mushrooms. :)

    Any recipes would be greatly appreciated!!

  6. Veggie burgers are always nice on the grill. And I do sometimes grill vegetables with Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper.

    There is one recipe that I particularly like for the grill from Jack Bishop's book. If you drop me an email at, I'll email it to you.

    And since I signed up for a local CSA (, I'll be trying to cope with large quantities of vegetables this summer. I'll try to post recipes as I think of them or find good ones.

    Congrats on going meat free!