Friday, November 27, 2009

Another pie - Dutch Apple Pie

It is a bit of a Thanksgiving tradition in my house that I bake a pie for Thanksgiving that I invariably hate, then bake another pie the next day. This year was no exception. I didn't like the pumpkin pie. It came out much too sweet for my tastes, so another pie was made. This pie is an Apple Streusel pie made from my grandmother's tried and true recipe. And from the pic you can see the I obviously made my own crust (I am the worst at pie crust shaping). I can't wait to eat this one!

Dutch Apple Pie


  1. Oh, I don't really like sweets but I do like a good apple pie. It looks great as does the recipe. If you think you are bad at crust shaping, you should see when I attempt pastry. I totally fail at pastry dough!

  2. I have apples! I might have to make this in the next couple of days. :)