Sunday, April 26, 2009

I declare this week... Mexican Week

Day 1: Black Bean and Plaintain Tostadas
These are black beans and plantain tostadas with crema (sour cream and soy milk), tofu queso fresca, guacmole, lettuce, tomato. We made our own home fried tostadas. Served with Annatto Spanish Rice.

Day 2: 'Chicken' Seitan and Carmelized Onion Tamales

Tonight's dinner was tamales filled with seitan and carmelized onions and red chile sauce, topped with red chili sauce. Served with Leftover Annatto Spanish rice, and homemade refried beans.

Of course, what is Mexican food without Margaritas!!


One more pic, I loved how beautifully red this annatto oil came out. This oil was used to make the spanish rice:



  1. you MADE tostadas? those look delicious.

  2. Yum, that looks fantastic. How about some recipes? ;)

  3. All of that looks super delicious! The tamales are especially impressive looking.

  4. oooh - how bad a** on the home fried tostadas, and black beans 'n plantains sounds like such a tasty combination! i'm love'n the glorious guacamole on top as well! mmmmmmmm! sweet gloriousness, tamales filled with seitan + carmelized onions + red chile sauce = stellar! then you went and made it all even more awesome with the homemade refried beans?!? mmmmm! good call on the margaritas - and your annatto oil is the most beautiful 'n brilliant shade of red, fo 'sho! i love it!