Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vegan eats in Whistler (British Columbia)

I recently returned from Whistler. Before I left, I tried to investigate where we should eat since our hotel room didn't have a kitchen. I found lots of people asking the same question, but no real answers. Whistler's menus aren't the most vegan friendly, but we did find that no one blinked an eye when we said we were vegan and everyone seemed to understand what that meant without any further definitiions needed. We did manage to find some lunch and dinner spots, but breakfast was not great.

My hotel (The Fairmont - we had free hotel vouchers!) luckily had soy milk for my coffee and toast with peanut butter; they also had oatmeal.

Lunch on the mountain was hard, but once we figured out which lodge had the vegan food, we were all set. You will want to eat at the Roundhouse Lodge. This lodge has several options - vegan chili, baked potato with vegan chili, noodle bowl with tofu and veggies (not sure if the noodles are vegan - I think they might not be, so beware), black bean soup. Note that there are several little cafeterias in this lodge so if you don't see something at the first one you look at, walk around a bit. And it gets really crowded so eat lunch around 11 or 11:30.

The first night we ate at the Dubliner (or Dublin) cafe. This is a cute Irish pub with a vegan burger (ask for no cheese and no mayo) - not sure about the bun and lots of beer and french fries. It's pretty good and will fill you up.

The second night we had a free restaurant coupon for listening to some stupid time share presentation so we went to Aubergine at the Westin. This place is pricey, but has a couple of nice vegan options. They brought us a basket of bread which they made sure was vegan and along with the bread, they gave us hummus and an olive tapenade. They made us a mixed greens salad with a nice vinaigrette (slight modification to a salad on the menu). The for dinner, Mike had a vegan mushroom risotto which was to die for. I loved it. My spoon kept sneaking across the table for more... and I hate squishy mushrooms. I had a tofu satay with broccolini. It was ok. Go for the risotto.

Other places that we did not try, but looked like they would have vegan friendly options:
Hot Pot Etc.  - Shabu Shabu
Mongolie Grill - A fire and ice kind of pick you own food to be stir fried. Sauces are supposedly vegan.
Amsterdam cafe - vegan rollup
Wildwood Bistro - vegan vegetarian napolean
Longhorn Salon - 2 veggie burgers
Thai one on
Kypriaki Norte (Greek) - has a Filo tower that might be vegan (with seasonal grilled vegetables, mashed yam and potato layered between basil filo pastry squares and topped with a tomato basil sauce)

Some other random notes I found from various posts on the internet:
"There is also a small place next to the pharmacy in the village (sorry, can't remember what it's called) that serves tofu terriyaki and veg wraps that are vegan. It's a very small place, mostly take out."

"There's also a cafe right next to the IGA that has vegan soups, salads and sandwiches. There is also a burger place just around the corner from IGA that makes great vegan burgers. "

If you get a chance to stop in Vancouver to eat on your way in or out, I highly recommend Naam. We stopped their for breakfast on the way out and had tofu scramble and really fantastic vegan sausages. It is right on the way back from Whistler on route to the airport!

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