Monday, January 29, 2007

Tell me more about you

I often wonder who reads this. Do only vegans read this? Is it only my friends? Is anyone out there contemplating making the switch to veganism or vegetarianism? If I knew this information I might be able to write better entries. So, if you don't mind, here are several mini-polls:


  1. Oops, it counted my first vote as Vegan instead of Salmon-etarian *snort* or whatever it is I am.

  2. That's odd. You mean you chose something other than vegan and got counted as vegan?

    Salmonaterian... that's funny.

  3. I think its ok. You just have to refresh the page.

  4. I happened upon your blog from a google-fest on vegan/vegetarian recipes. It's really inspired me to start cutting meat/animal products out of my diet and my husband's as well. <-- the hard part. :)

    My favorite part of your blog is the recipes, but also like the words of encouragement for us non vegetarian's -- especially the post on "I could go vegan except for...."

    Thanks for writing!!

  5. That's awesome! Thanks for the encouragement. And I am so glad to hear that you are making choices to reduce your consumption of animal products. That is really great.

    Let me know if I can help with questions or if I can blog about specific topics that will help you.

  6. I love the recipes you have - the mac and 'cheese' one is on my todo list. But I also love the words of encouragement. Your post on "I could go vegan except for..." actually totally inspired me to stop saying "someday..." and start making changes that, even if it just a little at a time, make a difference.

    You have a loyal reader here. :) Thank you for all the great posts!

  7. I think you will like the Mac and "Cheese" recipe if you try it with the right frame of mind. Don't expect it to taste like cheese. Expect it to taste like macaroni with a nice sauce some crusty breadcrumbs and I think you'll like it.