Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Is it possible to make a really good vegan cupcake? Yes! (5 star cupcakes)

I have seen many vegan cupcake recipes and all of them claim to be really good. Despite success that I have had with making some of my muffin recipes vegan, I was skeptical... especially about the frosting! As an experiment I made some white vegan cupcakes with white vegan frosting. They were really good and, ahem, gone. I even fed them to non-vegetetarian friends who also really liked them. The texture of the cake was dense and moist. It reminded me of the cupcakes I get at Whole Foods. The frosting was outstanding. I did have to use about a cup and a half more of the powdered sugar than it called for and I had to store them in the fridge because the frosting started to droop after an hour at room temp.

The cupcake recipe is from Jennifer at The Vegan Lunchbox. I replaced the coconut extract with almond extract because I could not find coconut extract.

The frosting recipe is from The Vegan Chef. I used Earth Balance brand soy margerine. I used regular powdered sugar. That was all they had at Whole Foods. They actually did have unbleached powdered sugar, but I think the frosting would have been light brown instead of white if I had used it (and it was wicked expensive).

These recipes are definitely keepers!


  1. I think the link to the cupcake recipe here is busted, but I know the recipe you mean!

    p.s. You're right, the shortening frosting was nasty. I had to try it once, but I think I'll make the other verson.

  2. Weird. It works for me. It should link here:

    I am glad to hear that you also didn't like the shortening in the frosting. Everyone is going on and on about how good the book is and how good the cupcakes are that I am afraid to say anything different (on the vegan forums).

  3. Ha, well, they're definitely wrong. The consistency is just like slimy butter. What the heck?!

    I brought the cupcakes in this morning and am going to warn my co-workers that the frosting sucks.

    A lot of people on the ppk site seemed to complain about that frosting, so we're not alone (see under the gingerbread cupcake recipe.) I'm definitely going to try the recipe you suggested for frosting.

  4. Ours turned out fluffy with the shortening, but they just tasted like shortening to us. Looked good, tasted bad. We used earth balance shortening. I don't know if the type of shortening makes any difference. Either way, I'd skip the shortening.

    I think I am going to use the book for ideas and use my own frosting recipe & cupcake recipe as the base.