Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't Feed the Bears - Chinese Take-Out

Last night I made a recipe called "Chinese Take-out" from Don't Feed the Bears. It was just ok. Mike and I thought the sauce was bland and lacking in salt and we both poured soy sauce on top of our dinners. So if you make this, taste the sauce and add about 2-3 more Tbsp of soy sauce before adding the sauce to the veggies. Once we added some saltiness to it, it was ok. Also, you will need to add some crushed red pepper for a little kick.


I pan-fried some tofu before stir frying the veggies, set it aside, and added it back in when I added the sauce. For the veggies I used a red and green bell pepper, broccoli, and snow pea pods as recommeded in the recipe and then I added half of an onion and a few scallions too.

So far, I am kind of meh about this book. Hopefully tonight's Taco Thrasherole will change my mind.


  1. Yeah, between this and the "meat" loaf, I'm not impressed by association.

  2. That book doesn't look good so far, does it? I hope the next recipes turn out better!

  3. mark / saidinjestMarch 22, 2009 at 5:14 AM

    I really liked this recipe! It was definitely salty enough for me, but I don't like my food super salty. I just made it spicier (added chili paste), and it was good. I usually just use recipes as starting points and add in more of whatever I think might taste good. I don't think I made this one exactly how it was written.