Sunday, November 18, 2007

Favorite Vegan Products - Update 1

My friend Liz requested an update on my favorite vegan products and she's right, it's time to revisit and update this list. I'll italicize changes.

Coffee Creamer - Silk Plain Creamer
Tofu - Nasoya
Milk replacement - Soy Dream Soy Milk, or Enriched Rice Dream (tastes like skim milk)
Butter replacement - Earth Balance - sticks
Egg replacement - Ground Flax Seeds and water for hearty baked goods, Ener-G for desserts, Tofu for quiches and scrambles
Bread - Vermont Bread Company Organic Bread - Soft Wheat
Wine - Rosenblum Zinfandel
Honey replacement - Just Like Honey Rice Nectar (internet order), Maple Syrup
Nutrional Yeast Brand - Bob's Red Mill (I order this by the boxload on the web)
Vitamins - Chewable Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Formula by Pioneer
Energy Bar - Cliff Bar - Peanut Crunch
Sugar - Hain Organic Cane Sugar, Florida Crystals Cane Sugar
Powdered Sugar - Hain - Organic Powdered Sugar
Brown Sugar - Hain - Organic Brown Sugar
Cookie - Newman Os (oreo flavor and ginger o's)
Soy Ice Cream - Temptation Cookie Dough, Soy Delicious Purely Decadent (Vanilla, Strawberry, Cherry Nirvana, Peanut Butter Zig Zag)
Setian - Bridge Seitan
Tempeh - Soy Boy Soy Tempeh
Sandwich Slices - Yves Veggie Bologna Slices

Cereal - Barbara's Peanut Butter Puffins, Kashi Autumn Wheat

Lipstick - Zu Zu Luxe
Concealer - Clinique All About Eyes Concealer (works well for blemishes too)
Makeup - Clinique Soft Finish Makeup
Eyeliner - Clinique Quickliner for Eyes
Blush - Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush
Mascara - Origins

Skin Care
Deodorent -Oyin Handmade Funk Butter - black cedar fig (I have never smelled at all with this)
Shampoo - Aveda Sap Moss, or Aveda Scalp Benefits *
Conditioner - Aveda Damage Remedy *
Lotion - Jason Vitamin E unscented
Face Moisturizer - Kiss My Face Under Age
Lip balm - Lush Eggsnog - Artisan Soapworks lip balm (sadly seem to be out of business this year)
Hand Soap - Kiss My Face Self-Foaming hand soap
Soap - Lush Sexy Peel, Lush Karma, Dr. Bronners Almond
Shaving cream - Kiss My Face Patchouli Moisture Shave

Socks - tdb
T-shirt - Food Fight grocery, or Vegan Freak
Purse - tbd
Wallets - Matt & Nat

Web Sites
Vegan store - Food Fight Grocery, Cosmos Vegan Shoppe, or Vegan Essentials.
Podcast - Vegan Freak Radio
Shoe store - Moo Shoes

* I've recently discoved that Origins matches Aveda in veganness (watch for honey and beeswax) and price, so I plan to try some Origins shampoos and conditioners soon.


  1. Yay updates!

    I just bought my first carton of Soy Nog for the year. Silk has this new beverage that's "Pumpkin spice" right now. It's better than it sounds :)

    Is Clinique animal friendly? I know they're owned by Estee Lauder, and I don't know much about EL's animal policy. EL also owns Origins, because of course the world of cosmetics is as monopolistic as anything else.

    One of my favorite sites for checking on cosmetic products is "Skin Deep: Cosmetics Safety Database" :

  2. Yeah - it sucks that Clinique AND Origins are owned by Estee Lauder. Seems like all the good natural food and cosmetics companies get sucked up by some evil animal abusing corporation.

    Clinique has some items that are vegan. you have to email them about each item to find out if it is vegan. They won't just provide a list and the people who work behind the counter are ignorant about this - so don't ask them. I asked them once and they told me that none of their products contained animal products and they were confused when I corrected them - I had recently emailed with thier corporate. Here is what I know about clinique (note - this was a check from about a year ago, and things may have changed):

    Thanks for the link!

  3. Oh RIGHT, I remember you posting the Clinique thing. I really need a concealer, so I'm thinking about the one you recommended (being a grad student again is not doing good things for my under-eye circles even though I get enough sleep).
    I think there's a Sephora not far from here.

    My new favorite product is Derma E's Vanilla Bean cleaning mousse. I don't remember if it's vegan, but most of Derma E's stuff is super good.

    Oh, and I like the funk butter deodorant you recommended! My only problem is that when I am rubbing it in it seems like bits kinda fall on the floor. Am I doing it wrong? ;)

    Pssst say hi to M. for me.

  4. Re - Funk Butter.

    I use a very very small amount. And I noticed while traveling a few weeks ago and setting it in a cold windowsill, that when it is cold it is kind of hard and crumbly. Maybe try keeping it in a warmer place? Although, M just tried it this morning and siad he had the same problem.

    Hmm - maybe I don't have this problem because I usually put it on while I am still a little damp and maybe it gets a little moisture from that.

  5. Their website says:

    The derma e® Natural Bodycare line of 90+ products is cruelty-free and 100% vegetarian, and most of our products are suitable for vegans. Customers who choose to avoid honey or beeswax should be aware that the following products may contain either of these two ingredients:

    Anti-Aging Moisturizing Complex, SPF 15 (Item #80405)
    Sea Kelp and Herbs Face/Body Exfoliating Scrub (Item #80615)
    Anti-Ache™ Herbal Pain Relief Crème (Item #88400) "

    Where do you get it?

  6. I ordered directly from derma E because I had a $5 off coupon, but they sell it at Whole Foods and too. The $5 off coupon didn't really cover shipping, either.

    I wish they'd redesign their awful website.

  7. Sucked up? Hardly. Origins was created by the Estee Lauder group. Learn your stuff.

  8. You are correct and I knew that. I do actually "know my stuff" but just didn't write a very good sentence there. I really meant to make a more global statement that even when we do find a nice local organic natural company (any company, not just make-up) they always seem to be eventually bought by companies whose ethics are questionable.

    Your tone is very rude.

  9. Are you part of the corporation that created Being a Jerk?

  10. Oh, are you going to have a cry?