Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What's a vegan to eat at Fenway Park?

Last night I got a last minute ticket to the Sox game [1]. My friend, Chris, had an extra and needed someone to go with. There wasn't much time between work and the game. I needed to catch the 5:15 commuter rail in so that I could get there in time. I raced home and fed the cats and changed clothes. I didn't worry too much about dinner. I thought I'd find something: "Surely there would be a salad somewhere at the park!". My brain even tried to convince me that Fenway might have gotten veggie dogs in the last year. Well, the only thing vegan at Fenway park is beer and peanuts. That was my dinner last night (not that peanuts and beer tasted bad!).

Next time I will take the extra few minutes to throw a PB&J in my pocket to eat on the train. The weather was so nice and warm last night that even though the game was not a great one, it was still really nice to sit and drink beer at Fenway in the outdoors.

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[1] -against Toronto - Sox lost.


  1. Given how ball parks work, I wouldn't be surprised if the peanuts were soaked in beef tallow somewhere along the way.

    Healthy food is pretty much out at sporting events.

    (Here's a sign that computers have gotten too good - I first thought your photo was a screenshot from a video game.)

  2. I did check the peanut ingredients. Just peanuts and salt... but thanks for the beef tallow image. Ewww.

    Re- photo...

    Nope. Just my blurry cell phone camera. I'm the dork taking pics of the game with her cell phone. :)