Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Which Clinique items are vegan?

I emailed Clinique to find out which of their cosmetics contain animal ingredients. Their initial reply was encouraging:

"Very few animal derived raw materials are found in Clinique products. Animal ingredients are used only when their efficacy cannot be duplicated by any other source of ingredients. When an ingredient can be obtained from either animals or plants, we use the plant derived material. "

But, they asked me to provide a specific list of items I was interested in to get more information. I sent them a list of every item of theirs that I have ever used. Their reply is below:

Not Vegan:

Different Lipstick - acetylated lanolin alcohol & lanolin oil (wool grease) and beeswax

Colour Surge Bare Brilliance Lipstick - does contain beeswax

Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo - does contain beeswax

Pair of Shades Eye Shadow Duo - zinc stearate (bovine)

High Impact Mascara - contains melanin from a marine animal's ink sac. (sepia officina) and for extreme inquiries, also contains sodium
hyaluronate (from yeast or bacterial fermentation)

Lash Doubling Mascara - beeswax

Vegan (no animal products):
Quickliner for Lips
Blushing Blush Powder Blush
All about Eyes Concealer
Quickliner for Eyes
Soft Finish Makeup - cholesterol (wool grease) animal ingredients replaced. The Soft Finish Makeup ingredients no longer contain animal ingredients.

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